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Edit: Finally found it – Touch and Go – Trying to find the name of a movie from a few years back...The story is told by one of two brothers, in front of a handycam with flashbacks of how they were involved and what happened leading up to the present moment.They find the bomb, but the first one is a fake, the real one is further in and protected by red lasers. In one scene before the us Air force is about to destroy the hijacked plane, one of the pilots notices that the tail lights are flashing in Morse code, they then decide not to blow the plane up, and give it more time. I think it then goes on to them landing the hijacked plane at an airport, but the two pilots are dead, so the main character must then land the plane. In the end everyone jumps out of the plane and all is swell again. It's been on TV a couple of times, but many years ago. She struggled with the language, to come to terms with Japanese customs and working conditions, and ended up doing strange things like sleeping in the office. I made a post (see link below) but it was closed advising me that I should have posted here.He then spies an airstrip that he is familiar with, so he aims for that. Thanks in advanced Matt Posted from another thread: I saw it on SBS a while ago, sometime last year probably. She had poor relationships with her bosses except the CEO, who seemed to 'accept' her. A really simple plot but very moving and acting was great from what I remember. I saw it on TV in the 1970's I remember people digging and they either found aliens in the ground, or were having hallucination about them... Just before it was closed I received a correct answer from I've been trying to find the name of an Australian movie I saw a long time ago. Plot points: - Group of women (4 I think) come up with a plan for a robbery - Plan involves using scuba gear to swim to an island(resort or something?The scientist punches in his code which unlocks the door with seconds to spare.One of the soldiers looks at the corpse of someone who came before and shouts "motherf%$^ shoulda had the code!

One of the soldiers gets physical with his "wife" and he stands up to him saying "if you ever touch my wife again...". Really enjoyed it when I first saw it – probably really lame now but would like to see it again in any case.Anyway, that guy went to visit the penpal and yeah. There's also another scene(s) in the movie that involves a guy (possibly the same guy, not sure), that's also of high status.Anyway, he asks this poorer girl to come over to his place so he can help her write something or something.I only remember a few scenes: He gets up in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm and tells his wife to look at the lightning.As he's looking at her she winks out of existence (dream sequence I think).

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