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2000/188 of 3 April 2000, that the audiovisual landscape of Cameroon was liberalised.

Posters of Nigerian stars punctuated every corner of the street.Notwithstanding, CRTV is unbeatable given that it is the state-own media and is powerful in terms of manpower, financial and technical resources. 1 in terms of public affairs and institutional news; her presence across the national territory really identifies her the ‘Indomitable Lions’ of the audiovisual in Cameroon second to none.It is thanks to CRTV that Cameroonians can watch the MTN African Cup of Nations live from Egypt. Adamou Vamoulké at the helm of CRTV, hopes are high that he is going to apply rigorous modern management techniques to uplift CRTV from the doldrums of laxity, ineffective management of resources, poor programming and misplacement of talents.For sure, many Cameroonians are glad that they now can select from a wide variety of TV entertainment in order to satisfy their insatiable thirst.Well, others hold that the TV stations have failed in their objectives to really satisfy the Cameroonian because their level of programming still leaves much to be desired. Henry Asong Achingale to table a complaint to CRTV and STV in ‘The Post Weekender’ of January 20.

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