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evaluation tools used, agencies involved, involvement of public consultation) and the outcome of the SEA/EE application.

The information provided in this Report is primarily based on Internet sources published in English, Traditional and / or Simplified Chinese language.

Both statutory and administrative / non-statutory systems in EE /SEA of urban development proposals were reviewed.

As a reference, the urban development policy and SEA practice in Hong Kong were also reviewed and analyzed in this report.

The system/ internal procedures are not obligated by law. The environmental evaluation / SEA procedures identified for both general policy proposals and urban planning policy proposal have included statutory and administrative / non-statutory systems, the overall evaluation process and evaluation tools applied.

General and statutory guidance documents (e.g., technical circulars / memoranda, handbooks, guidance notes / guidelines, etc.) similar to the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines (HKPSG) and the EIAO Technical Memorandum (EIAO TM) etc; The information provided in this Report is primarily based on Internet sources published in English, Traditional and / or Simplified Chinese language.

The practices of the SEA process in urban development policies and actions vary from country to country depending on their internal administrative systems, historical and present socio-cultural and economic condition, and their internal political stability.

To capture the overall understanding on the SEA implementation progress in urban development policies at local / regional level, BMT Asia Pacific Limited was commissioned by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in April 2008 to conduct a desktop research on the international urban development policies and actions, and the latest practices in their Environmental Evaluation (EE) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

This Final Report presents a review of the latest global practices for evaluating the strategic environmental issues / implications of urban development policies and actions under both the statutory and administrative / non-statutory systems.Examples on the application of EE or SEA during urban development were included.This is to reveal the typical urban development cases, details of the integration of EE/SEA along the planning process (e.g.This Final Report was prepared by BMT Asia Pacific Limited to the best of our knowledge.For the English and Traditional / Simplified Chinese versions of the report, if any discrepancy exists between these versions, the English version shall prevail.

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