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gratuitous sex in games, and perhaps this is one result of that discussion.Here`s what I think: You can`t have a great game without a good story, but you also can`t have a great sex game without great sex.

That being said, the art`s fantastic, and the music ain`t bad.

Sorry to say that, but this is one of the worst games u ever made! But I couldn`t find ending 3 - maybe if you beat Corin?

I tried it more than 10 times, but I never got near killing him.

The graphics have improved, but the sex scenes still look like some puppeteer is pulling random strings. goending=e3_cnmvbxc To beat the werewolves, keep shooting. Despite the multiple endings, the game is still quite linear, and the number of sex scenes is quite limited.

3/10 So I ran the Flash file through a decompiler and confirmed it - ending 3 is definitely attained by beating Corin. There was some discussion on Shark`s forum about story vs.

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