Online dating military identity theft

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Holly Petraeus, assistant director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Office of Servicemember Affairs, cites a typical service member's existence: "Military personnel live a mobile lifestyle punctuated by combat deployments, and that makes it hard for them to keep a close eye on their finances -- or to fix the fallout from an identity theft.They may not even realize their identity has been stolen for some time, giving the fraudster ample time to do significant damage." Credit destruction may impede a burgeoning military career.You can even be arrested a crime you didn't commit." Fighting ID theft before and after the strike To thwart thieves from striking, Higgins warns service members and their families to be on guard when asked to present their military IDs to retailers.Never provide your SSN or a card that has it listed, your birth date, mother's maiden name or other highly sensitive personal information to obtain a merchant discount.

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A 2013 Federal Trade Commission study found that military consumers reported identity theft at twice the rate of the general public.The situation is poised to worsen, too, contends Higgins: With troops withdrawn from Iraq and leaving Afghanistan, "we believe there will be an increase in ID theft." How thieves obtain service member identities Thieves employ several methods with which to rob service members and their relatives of their identities.One is to lure them into retail establishments with promises of deep military discounts.Not only is it unnecessary, it's considered an 'overreaching data' requirement."This is a reminder to check your credit report for fraud at least once a year," says Rose. If you're on deployment or a mission where you won't be available to check, have your spouse or a trusted loved one do it.

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