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He did not respond to questions from the friend about why he had dropped Miss Wall off or why the trip was being cancelled.

Madsen was arrested on manslaughter charges the following Saturday before a judge ordered that he be held in custody while investigations are carried out.

On Friday morning the Danish Navy were scrambled to help the stricken sub, before reporting it sunk at 10.45am.

Madsen claims he was the only one on board at the time, and that he dropped Miss Wall off at the mouth of the harbour shortly after 10pm the previous night.

He added that police had found that the torso had been subjected to some form of force, in order for air to be pushed out of the lungs so it would not float.

It took eight months to identify Miss Toyonaga, who died when submarine inventor Madsen was 15 years old, and her killer was never found.Divers continued to search the area where the torso was found for the remains of Miss Wall, Moeller said.Today, Miss Wall's family has paid tribute to the freelance journalist, who grew up in Sweden but was mainly based in New York and Beijing.Danish investigators say they have found evidence the Nautilus was sunk deliberately.The freelance reporter boarded the sub, which was built by Madsen, on the evening of Thursday 10th August in order to write a story about the inventor.

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