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At almost 2000 m height, medieval carbonized sheafs of cereals were uncovered.How to reconcile a strongly pastoral vision of the mountain’s food production and this evidence of cultivated plants ?Thirty six pedoarchaeological trenches later, we highlighted the partition of the landscape.Nearby the pastoral settlements of various chronological periods, several abandonned walls were built to retain soils.The most important one seems to be the Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age.

The study led within this research program concentrated on the characteristics of soils behind the retaining walls of terraces on the (sometimes steep) slopes between 15 m height.

These large terraced areas of about 250 acres are spread between 1700 m and 2000 m height, on slopes reaching almost 40%.

They were built on the thickest soils, between glacial deposits and granite rocks.

Il s’agit plutôt d’un mouvement inéluctable d’occupation progressive de toutes les niches écologiques favorables à l’agriculture et au pastoralisme.

In 2002, carbonized sheafs of rye were found in the eastern Pyrenees (Carlit mountain) under the destruction levels of an early medieval pastoral hut, at 1950 m height.

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