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Air Edition includes everything the current game does, along with some new features the Adobe AIR platform allows us to provide: This update also brings the first public release of Spin it UP: Mobile for Android devices and Windows.

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We know we just had a songs release, but we wanted to kick off 2018 by surprising you with another!*(The New Year fills you with determination.) New Game Musician: Nitro Fun Step Artist: juckter1 Song Genre: Dance2 Style: Electro Difficulty: 68 Song Length: The Fated Hour Musician: Exias Step Artist: Silvuh Song Genre: Dance2 Style: Instrumental Difficulty: 69 Song Length: Thank you for being with us for a huge milestone – our 15th revolution around the sun. I am happy to announce that the new Batch Search Engine (BSE) Site is now up and running.This new site comes with several benefits over the old one. The biggest difference can be noticed on the Queue’d Songs page.Sincerely, - Dossar LX ODI Have you read thread upon thread of lag reduction tips for FFR?Do you get random lag spikes, no matter how many times you restart a song?

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