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Ruth and i planned to be married prior to taking up this post and marry in Nairobi.Prior to going, Toby had "brainwashed" us both to making the blackman a "superior race" in which the whites were servants to the blackman.and thirdly there seemed to be no moral code, men and women coupling in the open.We asked about these to Moses who reminded us about what a WHITE person classed as sinful and what was the blackmans custom, we apologised and cleared our minds of these "white! Our marriage took place in Nairobi as planned with Ruth in her white wedding dress shoes etc and at Moses insistance Ade was best man.

When we were 18 we were offered a post in Kenya to start when we had completed our training.Hours after the ban took effect on Monday there was confusion and long queues at supermarkets where shoppers were forced to carry goods in boxes or in their arms as the piles of plastic bags that used to hang at the end of checkout counters disappeared overnight.Some Kenyans took to social media sites to complain of overzealous police stopping vehicles in downtown Nairobi and searching them for plastic bags and, they alleged, bribes.A ban on plastic bags came into force in Kenya on Monday in a bid to slow pollution, with offenders liable to jail time or hefty fines.The ban on the use, manufacture and importation of plastic carrier bags was carried through after the High Court threw out a challenge brought by importers who claim jobs will be lost and livelihoods threatened.

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