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Next is the choc chips, followed by the fudge chunks – try and encourage them to pile up around the edge of the jar with a slight well in the centre.

) Concentrate on tamping down the edges where it meets the jar.

The queer men and women I spoke to had never been given the excuse of intimidation as the reason why they weren’t finding dates (though, admittedly, my findings are 100% anecdotal).

So, being a woman who used to mold and fold herself to meet society’s standards of “the girl he wants to date,” I started Googling to see exactly what men found intimidating in a woman, all in an effort to fix it in myself.

This needs to be compacted down – spoons are tricky to position inside the jar so you may need something slim (cake release spray cannister to the rescue!

Down the funnel goes the flour, followed by the bicarbonate of soda and baking powder. Next down the funnel is the soft light brown sugar.

Make yourself a paper funnel – fairly slim so it will fit down inside your jar.

But as I got older, and the men I’d date started calling me intimidating as a way to weasel out of the situation we were in, I realized that the opposite sex didn’t always see intimidation as a positive thing.

And in talking to my queer friends, I found that this phenomenon seems to mainly occur in heterosexual relationships.

(Yes, this is one of the things certain men found intimidating.) And I like these parts of myself a lot.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me a few years ago.

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