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Nandkumar Kamat has ruled out the possibility of Kushavati shamans belonging to the first wave of humans to arrive in Goa. Most probably they were the earliest Mediterraneans who had descended the Western Ghats, probably in their search for sea salt on Goa’s coast.

On basis of recent DNA-based work on human migration, Dr.The specific problem is: This section makes multiple statements without referencing original sources. Exploration of several Mesolithic sites of the Mandovi-Zuari basin, at other sites such as Keri, Thane, Anjuna, Mauxim, Kazur in Quepem, Virdi, has led to the discovery of several scrapers, points, bores, cones, et cetera. These discoveries have demonstrated that the region had been supporting a population of hunter-gatherers well before the advent of agriculture.Please provide citations that meet Wikipedia's reliable sources standards settled ten sages in this land and performed fire sacrifices. By Gajanan shastri Gaytonde) Until 1993 the existence of humans in Goa during the Paleolithic and Mesolithic period was highly debated. Evidence of Palaeolithic cave existence can be seen at Dabolim, Adkon, Shigaon, Fatorpa, Arli, Maulinguinim, Diwar, Sanguem, Pilerne, Aquem-Margaon et cetera.Download our Android App today to get Live News Feed and Breaking News Alerts for Free on your Smartphone.This App will also give you access to all news posts right in this App.

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