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The Trophy Wife By [email protected]: This file contains depictions of adult sexual situations, including rape, and bondage.If it is illegal for you to view this subject matter, or if you are under the age of 18 please do not view this file. My scanner that I had turned off was suddenly crackling to life. I hardly paid attention to the cellular conversation, between a man and a woman. Their conversation soon took an interesting turn when the man said "I wish that old fucker would just up ad die on you so we could be together forever." The woman paused briefly then responded in a serious tone of voice.Or more precisely out of a formal jail and in my own private jail.I of course had to decide, if the prospect of getting caught was worth the reward of possessing her all to myself. But I reasoned that this would make the conquest that much more sweet & satisfying.Extremely soundproof from the basement of the house.I leased a tow truck and dragged the decent mobile home into the trench and used the dozer blade mounted on the front of the tow truck and a small bobcat tractor to back fill over the mobile home. From the house basement I roughed in a door making it look like a closet.Her driving a convertible made it remarkably easy to check her out. She had lots and lots of long red curly hair that stopped at her shoulder blades. Though it was impossible to tell just how tall due to her sitting in the car. His holdings were in the hundreds of millions of dollars. It was of course impossible to keep up with her Mercedes ragtop. Way up in the distance I thought I saw the distinctive taillights of her car take the next exit. I proceeded to the exit and pulled over to the curb. When I did I barely had the time to jot down the address of the property that she had parked in front of before she reemerged, her heels dangling from her left hand. I waited still a few minutes till she was out of sight, and he had gone back into the house, before I began to make my way down from the hills to the RV I had left. After all if she was willing to be the trophy wife on one man for mer money.She sat upright in her seat, her good posture displaying her chest proudly. They embraced passionately one more time as she scampered back to the car. As I walked slowly back I began to formulate a plan. They I should surely be able to to keep her interested in me, to keep her ass out of jail.

She was sitting in her car, trapped by the breakdown and the driving rain. I don't know what it could be this is a very good car." I studied the car up and down. After tightening up the chains securing her car I jumped back into the cab to find her bending down trying to clean off the mud from her shoes. She shot me a quizzical glance but did not ask what I thought was so funny.That is in part what makes serial killers so difficult to track. The contractors naturally assumed that I was building an addition to the farmhouse. The next day after they left I cut a doorway into the basement of the farmhouse that opened into the trench.In this case there would be none, save our interlude at the stoplight, and perhaps some tire and footprint evidence near her lovers house. The wall that I cut through was slightly over a foot thick of solid stone.She must have been told this as she came out of the club. She wore no hose on her legs; whether she had underwear on I could not tell but then realized that I would soon find out for first hand.She hurriedly fixed her makeup, and finished her hair as her car warmed up in the parking lot. And you could them make arrangements from there." Her face brightened a little at the suggestion. "You may be able to make your meeting, still." That did it. "Aren't you going to offer me some." I mumbled yet another apology and handed the shivering woman my cup, and the thermos.

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