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No other manufacturer incorporates the hardware or finishing details into their peaked tents as we do at Armbruster. The Armbruster Tension Tent is a revolutionary design concept incorporating the highest structural standards ever available in a tent system.

Utilizing premium grade fabrics, all stainless steel hardware, and engineered structural grade anodized aluminum pipe, this true tension structure delivers unsurpassed quality and strength at an economical price.

The War Department at the time shipped the canvas, grommets, thread, and rope to tent suppliers like ourselves and we manufactured the tents to specifications provided.

Government inspectors would often visit and walk through our plants to inspect outgoing shipments to the Quartermaster Depots.

I don't feel tragically misunderstood, and my issues are typically pretty standard. Now, in all likelihood, you have many chapters left in your life story (seriously, it's...Today Armbruster sells its modern vinyl tents to the Government under GSA contract GS-07F-0111V. The WWII tents we now offer include: Tent, Fire-Resistant, Wall, Small, OD, Fly, F-R Tent, Wall, Small, OD [8'x10'] Fly, F-R Tent, Wall, Large, OD [21'6" x 14'5"] Armbruster WWII tents are made to last, just like the originals we manufactured over 65 years ago.Armbruster has been making tents for the Military since 1875, and is proud to bring back these reproduction tents to help support a key part of U. Some people ask why our Canvas WWII tents are more expensive that other vendors on the market.The last government contracts of canvas type tents were made during the Korean War by Armbruster.Armbruster still has the specification on hand in our files.

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