Dating hardware wing

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The words matter because this is a beloved classic and it has been turned inside out. Dating a well-known baddie can be tricky, even if he's only playing the part, as Rachel Tracey knows all too well.

The term "prima donna" could have been invented for Maria Callas.

The past two years have been revolutionary in Irish theatre, from the passions of Waking The Feminists in 2015, through the arrival of new directors with bold new ideas in the Abbey and Gate theatres, to the recent allegations of sexual harassment against one of the most powerful men - until this year...

A deliciously spooky, snowy forest covers the Abbey stage.

If you're not organised for tomorrow by the time you read this, you may as well give up, give in....give your brain a boost and a blast.

Our inventive and erudite quiz setter Alison Walsh has cast a cool eye over the artistic year - and has set an intriguing test of wits and memory.

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