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Lock eyes with him and let him know you're not a psycho — this book is just so funny! " It doesn't matter that he won't even know who Lisa is; he'll be so intrigued, he won't be able to resist asking what exactly happens at a naked lawn-bowling party. Have everyone at the party sign it — it's an easy ticket to talk to your target.Practice some psychic savvy — read a few of your pals' palms, then ask him if he'd like you to read his.After breaking a sweat, turn to a mouthwatering man and exclaim, "Ooh, I can't catch my breath — I just don't know if it's the workout or the company."In the coffee shop, you scope out a hunky java junkie...

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Chat to sexy guys-58

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Hang out in the travel section, planning an "upcoming trip." Ask a gorgeous globe-trotter for suggestions about where the hottest vacation locales are.

All the hot celebrities are rocking silver locks, and we're pretty pleased that real guys are following suit.

We have rounded up our favourite silver foxes for your viewing pleasure — check out all the grey-haired babes.

You're at a bookstore, a prime place to meet a cultured cutie...

Ask the adorable guy in the fiction section if he can help you remember that best-seller by Tom What's-his-name.

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