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It remains ENTIRELY correct, despite the fact that many helmets in reference books sport the rosettes. The helmet’s parade trichter is also gilt-toned, and sports a marvelous, soundly-attached, full, black bush.Remember, the rosettes were an and were NOT mandatory for Grenadier-Regiment Knig Wilhelm I. NO spike comes with the helmet, just the trichter and parade bush.What is most important, NO double holes are present where the wappen is attached.It is a fine pickelhaube in parade configuration from an elite regiment and would make an excellent addition to your collection. At Der Rittmeister Militaria, we strive to bring you the best in spiked helmets, or pickelhauben (plural for pickelhaube), one of Imperial German Militaria’s most interesting areas for collecting.

[The Prussian king might have copied similar helmets adopted by Russia’s military during the same time period.

Grenadier-Regiment Nr 7, as well as Fsilier-Regiments Nr 34 and Nr 35 were the only regiments whose bandeaux celebrated monarchs (the two Fsilier-Regiments acknowledged the Swedish Queen)].

All of the helmet’s furniture, including the wappen, chin scales, trim, etc., is gilt-toned.

A couple of small tears appear on the silk liner, but no major damage.

It is in much better condition than the major shredding we often find.

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